The years we've spent in this space as a label have been an
 incredibly rich and inspiring experiment. We'd like to thank
 everyone who joined and supported us in this ambitious journey.
This chapter has come to a close, at least within the
 limits of the frame of what an "independent music label" can achieve.

We're honored to have witnessed the birth and growth of many artistic careers, collectives, passion projects and even other labels during those years, most of which are still active and thriving in their own way. We ourselves thought a break was necessary to consider what has been done so far, reconnect and gear up for whatever comes next. Keep in touch on our Discord, Matrix, or on the field.

 Bandcamp is still full of rich and exceptional music, from artists who often were way ahead of the curve. It will remain active and online for archiving purposes, some special projects may even casually appear in the future. Most individual releases will continue their journey on their respective artists' pages, whom you can still support individually at the links below.

See you around.

The Unlog team



Archives (2012 - 2022)

Sharing artists'journey, both before, during and in between projects, has been one of the greatest perks in our label life. More than a simple shopping list, this represent all the talent and creativity that we've had the chance to encounter since our first compilation in 2012.

Videos :

[indistinct voices over PA] - UNREST

Fausto Mercier - album with eight eyes

Tehu - Phog (ft. Leonie Gray)

Romanowitch - MMPTY

Engone Endong - Demain, un Jour Nouveau

Vince Konigan - The Long Run

Romanowitch - She

Mole Machine - Dancing on a tipping point

Compilations :

VA - Unlog Complex #01 (Unlog x Blackelk Recordings)

VA - A tribute to Ravi Shankar

VA - Unlog Complex #02

VA - Unlog Complex #03

VA - Unlog Complex #04

VA - Unlog Complex #05

VA - Unlog Complex 06

VA - Unlog Complex 07

VA - Unlog Complex #08

VA - EMINQC Volume 1;

VA - Unlog Complex #09

VA - EMINQC Volume 2

VA - EMINQC Vol. 3

VA - Scratch Tape 01

Releases :

Engone Endong - #OKENG

Engone Endong - Maître

BSLC - Brain Damage

Rebond - By my side ft. Laure O

TSF - Time Tones EP

Agata Jasper - Silent Boxes

Ultroniks - Blow Up The Planet

RXX - Black & Gold Sunset

Tehu - EP Boulevard (digital + vinyl)

Tehu - EP Boulevard vol.2 (digital + vinyl)

Wiklow - Bloom

bplrxxiii - Weird Cult

bplrxxiii - Dome to Caddie - Remixes

Romanowitch - I'm done

Romanowitch - SHE

Vince Konigan - Border Ride

Vince Konigan - The Long Run / Skyward

Fausto Mercier - Fausto Mercier

Mole Machine - Dancing Plague

Famelik - Angles

[indistinct voices over PA] - UNREST

Camille Frey - The Grand Tour

Froid - Permanence

Frederic Tardif - Unbind

Digital City - Gotan 84

Podcasts (2011 - 2015) :

Unlog Podcast #01 - Mr Freezy (Belgium)

Unlog Podcast #02 - UM (France)

Unlog Podcast #03 - Mr Mute (Portugal)

Unlog Podcast #04 - VNDL (Canada)

Unlog Podcast #05 - Loowood (France)

Unlog Podcast #06 - Construct (Canada)

Unlog Podcast #07 - Mr Crash (Belgium)

Unlog Podcast #08 - Tchoupz (Canada)

Unlog Podcast #09 - Archibald Singleton (Canada)

Unlog Podcast #10 - DJ Point (USA)

Unlog Podcast #11 - Coco Bryce (Netherlands)

Unlog Summer Podcast - Mr Freezy (Belgium)

Unlog Podcast #12 - Engone Endong (Canada)

Unlog Podcast #13 - Noyl x Famelik (Canada)

Unlog Podcast #14 - Yakoma (Senegal)

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